Submitting a Research Idea

Submitting a Research Idea

This is an informal sounding board for your research ideas. It can be a useful preliminary step to gauge support for a research topic, before committing time to writing an Outline Research Proposal.

Please write a couple of paragraphs (approximately 200-300 words), explaining your research idea. It might be addressing a particular problem you have encountered in your work or business, and can relate to any aspect of the management or practice of new homes delivery.

Please try to cover the following when setting out your idea:

  1. Show alignment with the objectives of the NHBC Foundation programme
  2. Be clear over the question or problem your research is addressing
  3. Identify who might benefit from the research

Send your idea as an email attachment to Your idea will be acknowledged and allocated an ‘RI’ (Research Idea) number. The NHBC Foundation will normally be able to provide feedback on ideas submitted within six to eight weeks. Ideas that receive support will be encouraged to be developed as Outline Research Proposals.