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Today’s attitudes to low and zero carbon homes: views of occupiers, house builders and housing associations (NF40)


This primary research report summarises the current thoughts, awareness and understanding towards issues such as climate change, the 2016 zero carbon definition, airtightness and renewable technologies.

Containing a detailed examination of responses from occupiers, house builders and housing associations, Today’s attitudes to low and zero carbon homes – views of occupiers, house builders and housing associations assesses the priorities of industry and the consumer when building or purchasing a new home. It looks at views that could impact new homes of the future and sets the context for the research and presents the key findings, recommendations and current details of the definition of zero carbon homes.

Summary of content

Announced at NHBC Foundation’s 5th anniversary event in January 2011, this primary research study was commissioned to investigate attitudes to zero carbon housing and technologies in the 4 years since publication in 2008 of NF9 Zero carbon: what does it mean to homeowners and house builders?

NF9 was published at an important time for sustainable and zero carbon housing, and intervening years have seen the economic and political landscapes of the UK undergo significant changes.

The recession, which began in the third-quarter of 2008, ran for 6 successive quarters until the end of 2009. The recovery has been slow, with subsequent quarters posting around 0.5% growth on average, including one-quarter of negative growth in 2010. The recession impacted heavily on the house-building industry, with NHBC statistics showing that from 2008 to 2010, housing completions fell from 148,000 to 103,000, representing a drop of almost 30% in 2 years.