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The advantages of new homes



Through illustrations and photographs, this guide illustrates the main benefits of new homes, It is structured on an NHBC Foundation survey of people who had recently moved into a new home which bought attention to the aspects of new homes that were most appreciated. It includes 12 themes, in each case setting out what is offered by a new home and making contrasts with the uncertain condition of older homes.

Summary of content

The guide organises the advantages of new homes under the following 12 theme headings:

  • Ready to move in – new homes are ready to enjoy without any concern about what has been glossed over by previous owners.
  • Everything is new – appliances and systems all new and will work well for years to come.
  • Modern layout – efficient use of space and the right balance of living and storage space.
  • Modern facilities – well laid-out bathrooms and downstairs WC, and often an en suite.
  • Energy efficiency – cost  –  energy bills should be about half those of Victorian homes.
  • Energy efficiency – comfort – cosy homes that heat up quickly, are well ventilated and are not prone to condensation and mould.
  • Safety – smoke alarms and wiring – Mains-powered smoke alarms and protection from electric shocks.
  • Safety – glazing and stairs – safe steps and balustrades, and inclusion of safety glass where needed.
  • Solid foundations – robust and resilient foundations.
  • A quiet home – mandatory measures to ensure good sound insulation between homes.
  • Security – robust doors and windows with additional locks and security devices to keep intruders out.
  • A new community – opportunity to meet new neighbours with similar interests and aspirations.

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