Our programme of research delivers a major portfolio of reports and practical guides

A guide to small brownfield sites and land contamination (RR15)

This guide prepared by CIRIA (supported by the NHBC Foundation) gives advice for house builders on navigating the particular barriers and issues that characterise small brownfield sites. It deals with ground conditions such as contamination, derelict structures and buried services and other characteristics of small sites that can impinge on viability.

Summary of content

Definitions of site size and brownfield sites

Guidance on building a team and getting professional advice

Steps before purchasing brownfield, including financial viability, environmental due diligence, planning context, funding options and grants/government incentives and developing a risk register and project programme.

Planning application stage, including planning conditions, ecological surveys, contamination and geotechnical assessment, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), and engagement with warranty and building control.

Preparation for building works, including Building Regulations approval application, discharge of planning applications, site assessment (including soil/rock, groundwater, ground gas, geotechnical assessment, remediation strategy/verification.

Construction, including remediation and verification actions, ground improvement, managing waste (including exemptions and WRAP protocols and recycling aggregates, managing the effects of construction, changes to plans, phase financing and site inspections.

Closeout, including final inspection, verification reports, health and safety, discharge of planning conditions, waste records, Asbestos register and homeowner packs.

The guide also includes a section on managing dormant brownfield sites.

In each section the guide includes informative ‘mini’ case studies which support the approach taken.

Full references are provided.