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Modern housing: households’ views of their new homes (NF6)


This review compares modern housing (homes built since 1991), older housing stock (pre-1991) and housing built between 2002 and 2004, using data from the Communities and Local Government’s English House Condition Survey and Survey of English Housing.


The review summarises the results and statistics from these surveys and provides a snapshot of households’ views on their homes and neighbourhoods, including suggestions for potential improvements to future housing.

Summary of content


Includes caution on the shelf life of this publication. Note that this report is historical: the most recent modern housing it refers to is 2002-2004 and occupants’ perception of their homes may have changed since that time.

The report covers the following aspects:

Description of the housing stock profile

Describes the profile of modern housing in relation to the total stock, in terms of dwelling types, size, location, cost, construction type, energy efficiency and housing quality indicators.

Household characteristics

Including tenure, household composition, employment status, ethnicity, disability.

Views about homes

Overall satisfaction, internal design and layout, number of rooms/room sizes, external design appearance and gardens

Views about neighbourhoods

Overall satisfaction, car parking, safety, access to local or neighbourhood amenities.

The report concludes with a summary of the findings and a list of broad recommendations.