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Management of post-completion repairs: a best practice guide for home builders (NF25)


The NHBC Foundation brought together a Task Group under the leadership of John Callcutt to research how home builders address concerns on quality, service and customer satisfaction with new homes.

This report is based on the findings of surveys with real people in the home-building industry and how they manage post-completion repairs. The report also contains some simple best practice advice based on the surveys’ findings.

Summary of content

Executive summary


Quality, snagging, consumer legislation, overall customer satisfaction.

Home builder management of post-completion repairs/costs

  • Undertaking post-completion repairs
  • Timetabling post-completion repairs
  • Budgeting for post-completion repairs
  • Managing post-completion repairs and costs
  • Recovering costs from subcontractors


  • Best practice model
  • Undertake prompt repairs
  • Process for emergency repairs
  • Best practice training
  • Industry benchmarking