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Low carbon cooking appliances (NF33)


Although cooking appliances currently have very limited inclusion in the building regulations, with no mention in Part L1A, they do figure in the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, but without an officially sanctioned method to reflect efficiency savings.

This publication examines the part that low carbon cooking appliances can play in reducing CO2 emissions from new and existing homes. It considers the use of hobs and ovens using a variety of technologies and fuels including electricity, gas and bio-gas. The report also provides information on consumer likes, dislikes and perceptions, and discusses consumer preferences on the type of appliance to be installed.

Summary of content

This report provides guidance to developers who wish to understand the role that low carbon cooking appliances can play in reducing CO2 emissions within new dwellings.

The report is set against the context of the Code for Sustainable Homes, and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) funding stream for low or zero carbon (LZC) infrastructure.

The findings of this report are based on:

  • a survey of over 260 consumers who bought or built a new build property in the 18 months before the survey
  • a half-day expert workshop with delegates from a variety of industry sectors
  • an energy and CO2 modelling exercise
  • a detailed literature review and patent search

Please note that modelling and consumer research for this report was undertaken prior to the Government’s March 2011 Budget announcement regarding the altered zero carbon homes definition, which indicates that unregulated emissions from cooking and appliances will no longer be included within the compliance metrics for zero carbon.

The current expectation is that unregulated emissions will not form part of the requirements for 2016 building regulations compliance. However, it is expected that they will continue to be included within Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6.