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Home sale and handover: a best practice guide for home builders (NF26)


This report is based on the findings of surveys with real people in the industry and their customers, and how home builders manage the process of selling and handing over new homes. Whilst most of the industry believes they are providing sufficient information and at the right time, there is clearly a gap between delivery and expectation.

It develops the concept of a “customer journey”. Better communication provided at the right time through the complex process of buying a new home can only lead to improved customer satisfaction.

Summary of content

Executive summary of Home sale and handover: a best practice guide for home builders


Overview of quality, snagging, consumer legislation and overall customer satisfaction.

Home builder practice at handover, including:

  • Responsibilities
  • Documentation for homeowners
  • Home tour/demonstrations
  • Staff training for handover
  • Quality control
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Examples of good practice


  • Customer journey best practice model
  • Model home user guide
  • Best practice training