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Annex to NF81: data and information sources (NF81a)

This annex lists the sources used in the preparation of the NHBC Foundation guide 40 facts: homes, housing and house building today (NF81).

There are 40 sections in the guide, each supported by a number of sources of data and information. In this annex, each individual source is listed, in most cases with a link to a landing page within the relevant website, or with a link that triggers a download. Where appropriate, directions are provided from a landing page to the specific resource used. Where data was obtained through search fields, the selection options used in the research are indicated. In a few cases the sources have been made available by special request to the analyst undertaking this research, and readers may need to seek permission for their own access.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the data used is correct as at June/July 2018. However it should be appreciated that new surveys and research regularly provide new data which progressively informs and updates our understanding. In addition, over time, website content and structure may change, making some links obsolete and in some cases to material becoming unavailable.

Summary of content

The sources used in the preparation of publication NF81 are presented in five sections, following the structure of the main guide:

1 Who we build for

2 Land use and where we build

3 The homes we live in

4 Housing and house building within the economy

5 Housing and health

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