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A career of choice: attracting talented young people into house building (NF61)


This research explores how young people view house building as a career choice.

While identifying some barriers, interest in a range of house building job types was encouraging.

The report makes nine recommendations for improving recruitment, including better promotion of the career opportunities and communicating the positive contribution made by house building.

Summary of content

This research explores how young people view house building careers.

While it  identified some barriers to recruitment, it showed that a good number of young people have interest in a range of house building job types. Interest levels for girls and young women were generally less than that for boys and young men, however for a range of professional technical jobs the gap between genders was much less. An important finding from the study was that positive language, related to the role and contribution of house building, significantly raised the level of interest in careers in the sector.

While a third of boys and young men (37%) are interested in building and construction, only one in ten girls and young women (11%) are interested, the lowest level of interest of any other job sector included in the study.

The findings, based on feedback from young people aged 14-24, parents, careers development practitioners and industry stakeholders, support the publication of nine recommendations for improving recruitment.

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