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40 facts: homes, housing and house building today (NF81)

There are many sources of information on housing and house building, but it is often difficult to lay your hands quickly on that key fact when you need it, and to be sure that information is as authoritative as possible.

This collection of illustrated facts and figures about the housing sector aims to provide a reliable basis for debate on the current positioning, output and direction of the sector. Sources used in the preparation of this guide, with full navigation to specific data, are included in a separate Annex to NF81 (NF81A), available here.

Summary of content

The guide includes five main sections

1 Who we are building for: including insights on population growth, household size, growth and makeup, the demographic trends within buyer age groups and changes in rural and urban populations.

2 Land use and where we build: looks at levels of urbanisation, brownfield use, and amount of land used for housing. It also includes information on where we build and restrictions on land use.

3 The homes we live in: defines the characteristics of the stock, including home types, tenure, size and age, with international comparisons. It also highlights changing attitudes to new housing developments and the amount owners spend maintaining and improving their homes

4 Housing and house building within the economy: considers output, economic contribution, mortgages granted, jobs created and economics of home ownership. This section also provides facts on the structure of house building in the UK, including the number of firms operating and the decline in smaller builders.

5 Housing and health: looks at the relationship between housing quality and health, health hazards, proportion of homes meeting Decent Homes standards and the number of people living in temporary accommodation.

If your role touches on any of these areas, the guide may be of value and interest to you.