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NHBC raises the standard for MVHR systems

NHBC is setting a new standard for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems following recent research which raises issues about the performance of the technology.

Half a million pounds will be injected into the NHBC Foundation this year to fund cutting-edge research and guidance into new homes, the organisation has announced.

As a sign of its long-term commitment to its research arm, NHBC – the UK’s leading insurance and warranty provider for new homes – has nearly trebled its funding for the Foundation from £180,000 last year to £500,000 this year.

The NHBC Foundation is also undergoing a revamp which will see the appointment of an independent new expert panel to guide its work made up of leading representatives from the housing industry, Government and academia.

Since it was established in 2006, the NHBC Foundation has led the way in providing high quality research and guidance on topical subjects to help the industry meet its considerable challenges and protect consumers. With over 70 concluded projects to date, its work has focused primarily on the sustainability agenda and the challenges of the Government’s 2016 zero carbon homes target. The NHBC Foundation’s most important work to date includes research into the issue of indoor air quality which has led to new industry standards for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

The Foundation has also produced a series of useful ‘how to’ guides to help the industry understand changes to Government policy and regulations of particular benefit to the many SMEs working in the house-building sector.

The organisation is now looking to widen participation in projects by calling on the industry to submit ideas via the NHBC Foundation website. Over 80 per cent of people questioned by the Foundation found its reports relevant and useful. The NHBC Foundation is also looking to build on its existing network of research partners.

Mike Quinton, Chief Executive of NHBC, said: “The NHBC Foundation is entering an exciting new era. With a new expert panel guiding our research activity and secured long-term funding, the Foundation can now further support the industry and consumers through its ground-breaking research projects.

“Over the last seven years, the NHBC Foundation has provided guidance, stimulated debate on topical issues and highlighted the many challenges facing the UK house-building industry.

“I have been particularly impressed by the important work the Foundation has carried out into real issues facing the industry and homeowners such as overheating in new homes and indoor air quality. As we look to the future, we the Foundation is in a strong position to continue this valuable research and guidance and work with the industry for the benefit of new homeowners.”