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House builders are missing out on a money-saving opportunity

The vast majority of house builders are not using a cutting-edge management tool which could save them money, according to a new report by the NHBC Foundation.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) offers potential for ‘significant’ savings

The report found that Building Information Modelling (BIM) offers the potential for ‘significant’ savings for house builders by increasing efficiency and reducing errors. However, nearly nine out of ten house builders surveyed (89 per cent) have never heard of BIM or have no plans to use it.

BIM is a process for managing the information produced during a construction project from the very start through to the end. As well as managing documents and data, BIM can produce images or objects in 3D models with pin-pointed information such as performance data and materials details.

The NHBC Foundation report, Building Information Modelling – an introduction for house builders, found however that house builders will need to invest time and money to make the most of what BIM can offer.

The NHBC Foundation carried out a survey of 18 major UK house builders who between them are responsible for more than half of new building plots registered in 2012. It found that nearly two thirds (64 per cent) were aware of the tool, but could see no obvious application or benefit in using and a quarter (25 per cent) had never heard of BIM. Just 11 per cent are using the technology at present.

Neil Smith, Group Research and Innovation Manager, NHBC, said: “There is no doubt that BIM has the potential to realise significant savings for the house-building industry.