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Homes through the decades: the making of modern housing - NF62

Homes through the decades: 

the making of modern housing

This new guide from the NHBC Foundation introduces the history of the modern British home. With photographs, graphics and timelines we show the evolution of planning, design, and construction. Read about the challenges that have shaped the modern home – from cholera outbreaks in Victorian London, right through to carbon emissions targets today.

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Other recent publications

  • NF61: A career of choice
    This research explores how young people view house building as a career choice.  While identifying some barriers, interest in a range of house building job types was encouraging.  The report makes nine recommendations for improving recruitment, including better promotion of the career opportunities and communicating the positive contribution made by house building. Read more...
  • NF60: Avoiding rubbish design
    So-called ‘bin blight’ is a result of the growth of household waste recycling in recent decades.  Read more...
  • NF58 and NF59: Part L 2013: where to start
    Complying with Part L - conservation of fuel and power - is one of the most complex challenges faced by the house-building industry.  Read more...

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